As we settle into the middle of winter, we look expectantly ahead to spring. The trillium, Ontario’s official flower, is in the height of its bloom from mid-April through the end of May. They are also know as wake-robin because they open up their blossoms around the time that robins appear. Look for trillium in woodland areas where they provide a flowery carpet beneath the shade of forests.

Most often spotted are Pacific Trillium (trillium ovatum) which turn from pure white to pink as they age. The deep crimson colour of Red Trillium (trillium erectus) may also be spotted in some areas. Admire this fleeting flora but be sure to leave them undisturbed. The plant matures for five years before it produces blossoms. They deserve respect!


NOTE: It is illegal to pick trillium in some areas across North America.

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Lake Ontario is not the deepest, nor the largest, of the Great Lakes, but weather can make dramatic changes in conditions. The waters may be calm and nearly still, or wind can whip up the waves in an almost ocean-like fashion.

We have had the pleasure of watching sun and clouds move across the lake as well as storms and fog roll in, right from our campsite.

Check out these videos from our stays at Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton, Ontario.

Spring wildlife at Silver Lake Provincial Park.

Eastern King Bird

Eastern King Bird © Anna Russell



Dragonfly © Anna Russell


Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel © Anna Russell

Here is a short time-lapse recording of the sunset over Silver Lake Provincial Park along Highway 7 in Lanark County between 25 mins southwest of Perth.

It was shot on June 1st. Dragonflies & birds ruled the day while frogs & loons sang through the night.


Butterfly Moments

Photo Copyright © Anna Russell


Butterfly Moments


Embrace Nature

Copyright © Anna Russell

Keep warm through the winter with a virtual campfire from Silver Lake Provincial Park.



Birds Triptych

Copyright © Anna Russell


Birds of Many Feathers… Marsh Boardwalk and Trail’s End Campsite

There are excellent birding and migration viewing opportunities at Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Brighton, Ontario. You can check the bird sighting board by the campground office, the Nature Centre, or the Friends of Presqu’ile Park website for information. The park is open for day use all year long.