We have a pop-up tent trailer, and like most models, it has vinyl windows with screen material on the outside. When the windows are unzipped and rolled down, vinyl straps that are sewn in at the top and attached with velcro tabs at the bottom keep the rolled material in place.


Last fall when we were camping, we were forced by cold, wet weather, to take shelter inside our trailer for most of one day. As anyone who has been inside a tent trailer can tell you, it’s a very small space. It’s easy to feel caged in very quickly. As we stared out through the zipped-up vinyl, I was struck by how much the vinyl straps resembled bars on a window, adding to the caged-in appearance.


With the windows up, the straps are unnecessary. Velcro to the rescue! We keep a roll of velcro in the trailer. It’s handy for wrapping around all kinds of things to secure them. I cut off a couple of strips, rolled the straps up to the top, and secured them with the velcro. We leave them on the straps when they’re down, so they are always at hand.





It is amazing how much better the windows appear with the straps out of view. In a cramped space that can become cluttered easily, the simplest things can really improve your vista! Especially when you’re stuck inside looking out.

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