Today is a proud & poignant moment in the life of camping parents. Our youngest child has flown the camp nest and ventured out on her own adult camping trip.


The oldest of our three birdies has been camping since he was nearly a newborn and took up the cause on his own in his early 20s, traveling with a set of camping gear in the back of his truck at all times. The middle child was not as big a fan of camping in his younger days but now loves the outdoors, biking, and hiking. He recently asked for a list of basic camping needs 🙂





The youngest, our daughter, embarked today on a one night, holiday weekend, camping trip to a nearby Ontario Provincial Park, 16 years less one month and a half from her first family camping trip on the Oregon Coast

Looks like she knows her way around setting up that tent 😉

Dad had a well-planned appointment at the time of his little girl’s departure so it was left up to Mom to go through the list of necessities…




  • M “Where are your utensils?”
  • D “We are just having hot dogs over the campfire. We don’t need forks and knives.”
  • M “How about skewers?”
  • D “Oh, right. Where are those?”
  • M “Here, let me get the good long metal skewers for you [smug smile].”
  • D “Thanks!”
  • M “Bug spray? Sunscreen? Paper plates? How many? Trash bag?”
  • D “Oh, right. Trash bag.”
  • M “I already put it in your toe bag [smugness again]. And take waterproof matches in case the lighter runs out. And remember to pick up a campground map at the office when you check in…”
  • D “Thanks Mom!”
  • M “And always remember to leave the campsite cleaner than when you arrived!”
  • D “I know. Dad taught me well. Love you, Mom!”

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