Camping under the stars is truly a delight. Sometimes, however, you need a light a little brighter than the stars.

Flashlights and headlamps are great for after-dark trips to the comfort station and lanterns are perfect for an evening by the campfire. Our pop-up trailer has indoor lights that run off the battery or shore power but they are blindingly bright. Occasionally all we want is a small light so we can grab a bottle of water or check to see if we switched the water pump off. We found the perfect battery-operated LED light at Home Depot for $6.99!


It’s small, portable, and lasts the entire season of one set of batteries. It has sticky-backed velcro tabs so you can mount it and still have the ability to remove it to carry elsewhere or change the batteries. It’s ideal for tents or trailers – anywhere a little task lighting is needed now and then. Its slim design allowed us to mount it under the countertop overhang in front of our sink. It activates by pushing the light bar which is handy at night. No fumbling around for a small switch or dangling a flashlight. We use it to illuminate our switches for the water heater and pump, as well as the fridge, all of which are impossible to see in the dark. It provides just enough light to see but not so much that it disturbs someone if they’re sleeping. We easily remove the light to bring it in for the winter and the sticky tabs can be removed with rubbing alcohol if you we ever need to. We find it so handy that we picked up a second one for our storage box!

















  • slim
  • lightweight
  • removable and portable
  • mountable with attached velcro tabs
  • runs a full season with occasional use on 3 AAA batteries
  • provides bright task lighting
  • large push-button light bar
  • velcro tabs can be removed with rubbing alcohol
  • affordable




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