Hello, we are Dave & Anna and we are Camping Junkies. One of our favorite things to do is go camping. We love being in the outdoors. We like to go for walks and hikes. We like to have picnics, sit quietly enjoying nature or the campfire, and listen to the sounds of the outdoors. We like to check out historical sites in and around the parks we visit. And, we absolutely LOVE outdoor cooking,

Dave’s earliest camping memories are from family holidays at Paul Bunyon Park on the shores of Lake Huron.  After moving from Ontario to the Pacific Northwest, he began back country hiking and camping across the US and Canada. He moved up to a Westfalia when his son, Connor, was a newborn, traveling mostly down the Washington and Oregon Coasts.

Anna is from Washington State and grew up in Seattle and the Puget Sound area. She camped a tiny bit with friends’ families as a teenager but was coerced into a few trial camping runs in the backyard after Dave dug his old back country gear out of mothballs.

We officially began tent camping as a family in 2001 with Connor, Ben, and Madeline, who were aged 10, 6, and 3 at the time. The Oregon Coast was our favorite destination. We relocated to Dave’s family’s hometown of Peterborough, Ontario, and picked up camping again after a short hiatus, gradually expanding our range of distance from home.

Kids & Tent 2001 12 years of tenting

In 2014 with the kids nearly all out of the nest, we bought a small pop-up trailer ideal for a couple, sometimes accompanied by kids in a tent.

When not camping, watching camping videos, listening to camping podcasts, planning camping trips, and generally dreaming of camping season, we are small business owners. Cooking, barbecue, and Dave’s addiction to spicy food, are often front and centre in our home life and the lives of our kids. Taking our passion for food into the great outdoors is a bonus!


Through this blog we will share our camping adventures, destinations, tips, and recipes.

Temporary Places, Permanent Memories!

Happy Adventures!

Dave & Anna



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