When we’re camping, we like to make sure we have a no-fuss meal for breakfast or lunch on our last day. Something quick & light with little clean-up involved makes packing up a lot easier.

This is also a great item if you’re headed out for a hike or picnic.

Buns with cheddar, ham, apple (1)

In cooler seasons, we might use buns, but prefer bagels at other times because they keep a little bit better. Bagels are also a good option if you’re wrapping these up and packing them because they don’t squish. Jalapeño bagels are tasty if you like spicy food!

If you want to get fancy, lightly toast the sliced bagel or bun on a griddle. You can even soften the apple slices although the crunch of fresh apple adds a nice texture.

  • Firm bun or bagel, sliced in half
  • Spreadable cheddar (substitute flavoured cream cheese)
  • Thin slices honey ham or black forest ham
  • Apple, thinly sliced

Buns with cheddar, ham, apple

If you’re packing these ahead of time, assemble and wrap tightly with plastic wrap. They’ll keep unrefrigerated for a couple of hours.

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